Cathy's Story

This post is written by Cathy Terranova. 


My journey with Beggars Made Believers has been a very reluctant, intimate, rewarding, arduous labor of faith.

I can't word it any differently. Now that my part in what makes up Beggars Made Believers is over I thank GOD I hadn't quit all the times that I wanted.

Before the band I had no concept of my own talents and skills. I was known in high school as an actress, not a singer. Musically, I was either the top of the bottom barrel or the bottom of the top barrel, I'm still uncertain.

When I first started with Beggars I could hardly find harmonies, had no confidence, and felt like I didn't fit in AT ALL. I was still grieving that GOD had called me away from my perceived excellences and into a murky world where my natural talent only went so far.

My consummate friend and co-etymophile, Margie, had received a call from Sly asking if she knew anyone who sang. I was first on her list.

What Sly swiftly realized is that if you pray for a girl that sings and you come home that night to find one sitting on your couch and making your freshly injured roommate laugh himself to wheezing, it's most likely GOD. If in that same night you discover that she is studying music and has worked in ministry for some time, it is even more so GOD. If you ignore all of the above and call someone the next day, GOD will gently give you the same answer He set before you the night before.

I can't name all the times I wanted to quit and "reasons" I had. The point is GOD wouldn't let me leave. There always seemed to be a well placed word or gesture that made my frustrations melt away. But my thoughts were always: "This is the last thing anyway. No one will ask us to do anything else."

One thing led to the next and there was one retreat after another, one song followed by a new one, one more, "What about this? ".

I could keep up all of a sudden. I toughed out developing my own creative voice and the trickier task of having that voice not just understood, but heard. If this was a movie, here is where the montage would begin. The end result would be this album.

You may not know just from listening or looking at the CD sleeve, but I have a lot of lyrical credits on Generations Rise. "But Only If" is my heart song. To have those verses and chorus on an album is enormous. It's like leaning over to someone on a bus and telling them your most basic struggle and getting off at the next stop like nothing happened. My lyrics usually cut to the meat of things, even if I'm the meat.

To work with people who will strive to uphold the humanity and principle nature of your art is even more enormous. Imagine handing your colleagues your two year old and saying,  "Can you raise this for a while?"

It takes a lot of trust to make music with people.

I'm proud of this album. I am proud of what has been accomplished. I know now, at where I bow out, the myriad of things GOD has done in and through all the members of this band.

I used to ask a lot, "Why am I here? Literally everyone in this band can sing AND play an instrument! What is the purpose of having ANOTHER vocalist?"

It's true, those songs can all be sung without me. But no one but me has my voice. When I sing on this album, you are hearing my testimony in my performance. That is something nobody can do on my behalf.

Each of us has given over a part of our story to this project. You really can hear it and we can't take it back.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Beggars Made Believers and continues to support us. I pray that GOD would find a way to reveal Himself to you as you listen.


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