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This eclectic rabble comes out of a desire to communicate the power of belief and its effect on the human experience.  

Their first album Awake was released in January of 2011 as the brainchild of Singer/Songwriter Sly Samudre. The debut effort featured over 20 different musicians combining rich orchestral textures with catchy piano riffs and gang vocal choruses. Beggars Made Believers' sophomore album, Generations Rise, featured a more focused effort, utilizing the talent of returning musicians Cathy Terranova, Nathaniel Provencio, Sly Samudre, Lindsay Turberville, Zack Williams, and Adam Brandt to create songs with penetrating lyrics and synth-laden arrangements.

The group currently works out of the suburbs of DC and functions as a four-piece rock outfit with Marcelo Carrion on Guitars, Zack Williams on Bass, Nathaniel Provencio on Drums, and Sly Samudre on Keys and Vox. A new album of original material is set to release in the Fall of 2016. The work of this art is to explore the rewards and ramifications choosing to love in a broken world. It's not always happy, but it's rock, it's heavy, and it's meant to be shared. 

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